When Travel Insurance Saves You Money

Most people probably don’t give a thought to purchasing travel insurance. When you buy airline tickets, you are also given the option of buying insurance. It’s hard to think about spending that extra money for something that may or may not happen when you have already laid out a small fortune for the tickets. However, there are times when you might actually save money and come out ahead by having insurance.

  1. Are you going on a tour or cruise where you have to pay for most of it in advance? If you have to cancel because of illness in your family, you probably won’t get your money back.
  2. Do you have to fly to get to that tour or cruise? If your flight is delayed or canceled and you miss your cruise or tour, travel insurance will cover your losses.
  3. What if your cruise line or tour company goes bankrupt?
  4. Do you have health issues? Will you be covered if you need medical care or even evacuation?
  5. Do you have elderly parents? An unexpected illness may force you to cancel your trip plans.
  6. Are you going out of the country? If so, you are probably spending more money for airplane tickets, and making reservations ahead of time.
  7. If your money and/or passport is stolen, travel insurance will help you replace them quicker.

These are just a few of the unplanned problems that can occur, where having travel insurance can cover your losses.

One important note: If you decide to purchase travel insurance, don’t get it from the airline, cruise line or tour group. If they go bankrupt before your trip, you’ll be out of luck.  In addition, make sure you read the fine print so you will know exactly what is and is not covered.