Do You Need an Energy Audit?

So you think you’ve done everything you can to reduce your electrical use, and yet your bill is still higher than you would like. Besides that, when you look at the bill, it shows that you have used more electricity this year than you did a year ago, even though this winter was milder. What do you do now?

Many power companies send out a yearly summary in which they compare your energy use to other people in your neighborhood with homes of similar sizes. If this report indicates that you are using more energy than your neighbors, maybe it’s time for an energy audit.

Most energy companies have an online energy analyzer that you can use to determine if you are doing all you can to save energy. Many also have an educational section which gives tips for saving energy, along with information about rebates for new appliances. A few may even offer a free in home energy audit.

Another good place to look is Energy Star at This website also has a self-directed energy audit you can take, as well as suggestions for reducing your energy use.