Reduce Television Energy Use

Although televisions do not use an enormous amount of energy, they still add to your electric bill every month. Since many families have multiple TVs, trying to find ways to reduce the amount of power they use will result in significant savings. There are a few simple things you can do to achieve this goal.

  • Plug your television, game boxes, dvd players, etc into a power strip. When you’re not using them, turn off the power strip. Even when they are not turned on, they use power, so a power strip makes it easy to save.
  • Adjust the backlight setting on your LCD television so that it is emitting less light.
  • Adjust the contrast setting to a point where the picture is acceptable.
  • Adjust the brightness setting.
  • Often televisions are set for display mode in a store, so that they look better. Make sure that your TV is set for HOME use.
  • Many new televisions have energy saving or power use settings. Experiment with these to find the settings that save energy and still put out a good picture.
  • If you are the type of person who leaves the TV on, even when you’re out of the room for a long period of time, or you fall asleep while watching it, set the sleep timer to shut it off after a specific period of time.

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