Reduce Your Garbage Disposal Use

If you have a kitchen garbage disposal, you probably don’t give much thought to it unless it stops working. It’s certainly convenient to use and saves having to fill up your wastebasket with food remains. However, in order for it to function correctly, it requires a significant amount of water, both while it’s actually chopping up the food, and for a period of time after it’s finished. All that water costs money and wastes valuable resources.

A better solution would be to collect the food scraps in a separate container which can be emptied outdoors into a compost pile. Starting a compost pile will provide you with your own supply of garden fertilizer throughout the spring and summer.

There are a variety of containers for sale which can be used for this purpose. A tight-fitting lid is a necessity to keep out bugs and odors. A carrying handle might also be convenient. Some even have charcoal filters to eliminate odors. Want to save even more money? Make your own. Here’s a site with easy instructions: