Unplug It!

You may not think that your electrical appliances and gadgets use much energy, but when you add them all up, they can contribute a significant amount to your electric bill each month. Believe it or not, they use energy when they’re plugged in, even if they are not turned on. One way to offset some of the expense is to unplug items when they are not being used.

Cell Phones – It seems like everyone owns one, and busy families might have 3 or more. If you’re constantly leaving them plugged in several hours beyond the time they’re recharged, you’re losing money.

Televisions – They consume enormous amounts of energy, and how many of them do you own?

Computers – Sure, it’s a lot easier to leave it plugged in, particularly if you have to crawl under your desk to unplug it. But, you’re losing money while you’re sleeping. While you’re at it, change your power settings, so that your computer will hibernate after 20 minutes of nonuse.

Printers – Yes, even these are costing you money, and you may only use them once a day.

DVD Players – These are a little trickier since many of them have clocks which you would have to reset.

Game Systems – PlayStation, Wii and Xbox.

Cameras – It’s easy to forget about them when you are recharging the battery.

Rechargeable Battery Chargers – Try to remember to remove them from the outlet when the light goes off.

Book Readers – one of many other personal gadgets that need to be recharged.

These are some of the major culprits, but if you look around your house, you can probably find more. Your computer and printer are probably already on power strips which would be easy to turn off at night. Consider putting your televisions, game systems and dvd players on them too. You might also want to look into a smart power strip. These have the ability to turn off power to one or more outlets if it hasn’t been used for a specific amount of time.