Use Space Heaters to Save Energy

I live in an old drafty house in Michigan. I moved in last year before the winter started and suffered a $550 heating bill in January. Even though I turned down the heat when I was gone and while sleeping, the heating bill was still enormous!

This year I’m prepared.

  1. I plan on installing insulation in the attic (since heat rises, this is a huge source of heat loss).
  2. Inspect closely for windows that leak.
  3. Using space heaters in certain areas.

Space heaters are a great way to conserve energy when using a small space in a large house. Overall, space heaters are less efficient than using your home’s heating system, but it is much more efficient to heat 100 square feet in a 1400 square foot home than to heat the whole house.

When I sleep, I only need heat in my room. When I’m awake, I really only need heat in the living room. This way, I can keep the heat lower in areas that I’m not using and still be warm.

I use a space heater that looks like a radiator. It lets out consistent, quiet heat. Like this,